Our Experienced Staff


General Manager
Denny has raced Go-Karts, Cars and motorcycles including Drag racing, Moto-x and Cross Country most of his life. Denny has been in the motorcycle business since the 70's. Denny loves his business, but would like to spend traveling to different race track and racing his miata.  Denny also loves going to the lake and spending time with family at Texoma.


Office Manager
Marilyn has ridden and raced motorcycles most of her adult life. She has slowed down some but still enjoys riding a ATV or Side by Side every now and them. She is a good problem solver and seems to get the job done. She Loves spending time with her husband Denny and their grandchildren and her sweet dachshund Ben. Also enjoys get aways trips with her sisters and going to the lake house with family.


Office/Finance Manager



Sales and Finance
Brian has worked every department at Ajax Kawasaki for the last 25 years. He understands the entire operation and can make sure that all your needs are met.






Red has been with Ajax for about 4 years.  He has over 20 years expierence working as a motorcycle, atv, watercraft and utility vehicle technician. 



Guard Dog Ben

Ben is our very sweet shop pet.  Ben was found in July 2001 out in our parking lot by the UPS driver.  The UPS driver brought Ben inside and said "this dog is going to get hit". It so happened that the month before finding Ben our red long haired dachshund "Sydney" has just died.  We had Sydney and his brother Chester for over 13 years.  Chester died in March and then Syd in June of 2001.  Needless to say Denny and I were heartbroken over the loss of our pets.  So when I saw Ben (being a long haired dachshund) I had to have him.  I took him straight to the vet and had him checked out and took the boy home and the rest is history.  Ben goes everywhere with us. He is such a good dog, he does get over protective sometimes but I think it is more from getting older than anything. 

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